Sioux City Pantries

Review the list below or download the list of Sioux City Metro Area Pantries here: Sioux City Pantry List.

As the only food bank in the Siouxland area, we provide food by the case to over 100 member agencies with food pantries and feeding programs for the needy.

These pantries and feeding programs are nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations who distribute directly to the families and individuals in need either on-site as a prepared meal, or unprepared to send home with the client. Please use the calendar to the right to find Mobile Pantry: Food to You delivery dates in your area. If you need help finding a food pantry closer to you please do not hesitate to call our office.

Central/North/West Side Sioux City:
Mon.-Fri. 9-10:30am:
Gospel Mission, 500 Bluff St, Sioux City, call 255-1769
Second Fri. 5-6pm, and last Thurs. 10-Noon:
Midtown Family Community Center, 524 14th St, Sioux City, call 258-2470
Last Paired Tuesday & Wednesday of each month, Tue. 1-3pm & Wed. 10am-12pm:
First Evangelical Free Church, 401 9th St, Sioux City, call 255-7239
Mon. & Wed. 10am-12pm (Noon):
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 406 12th St, Sioux City, call 258-0141
Third Thurs. 5:30-6:30pm, please call for information:
Radiant Life Church, 2410 W. 1st St, Sioux City, call 259-3090
Wed. 9am-12pm (Noon):
First Lutheran Church, 3939 Cheyenne Blvd, Sioux City, call 239-3942                        Third Friday 3-4:30pm, please call for information:                                                    Sioux City North High School, 4200 Cheyenne Blvd, Sioux City, call 239-7000; must have a student enrolled at North High.

East Side Sioux City
Mon.-Fr. 9am-4pm Woodbury Co. Residents Only & please call first:
Community Action Agency, 2700 Leech Ave, Sioux City, call 274-1610
Fri. 9am-Noon:
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 3204 S Lakeport, Sioux City, call 276-1125
Mon. & Wed. 9am-12pm (Noon):
Grace UMC, 1735 Morningside Ave, Sioux City, call 276-3452
First Mon. Monthly 9am-12pm (Noon) & Every Thurs. 4-7pm:
Sonshine Food Pantry, 2901 Leech Ave, Sioux City, call 276-3395
Wed. 10am-12pm (noon):
Morningside Lutheran Church, 700 Martha St, Sioux City, call 276-2511

South Side/South Sioux City
Tues.-Fri. 9-11:30am:
First Lutheran Church, 3601 Dakota Ave, SSC NE, call 402-494-5461
Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm, Dakota Co. Residents only & please call first:
N.E. Neb. Comm. Action Agency, 2120 Dakota Ave, SSC NE, call 402-494-8312
3rd Sat. 8-11am & following Tues. 4-5:30pm, Sgt. Bluff school district only:
Helping Hands, 903 Topaz Dr, Sgt Bluff (Community Center)