“Leader of the Pack: Hunger Games” Run-Walk-Bike

– – SAVE THE DATE … Saturday, June 22, 2019 … our 9th Annual “Leader of the Pack: Hunger Games” – –

THANK YOU for an amazing 2018 “Leader of the Pack: Hunger Games” event!!
Race winners are listed below.

We are happy to report we had 112 participants in 2018 and we netted just shy of $15,000! This equates 188,958 pounds of food for our neighbors in need!

Proceeds from this event help to fight hunger in Siouxland by supporting food insecure children, families, seniors, and needy individuals. 

There are many in Siouxland who carry a painful secret every day: Hunger.

According to Feeding America, the nationwide network of food banks, there are 25,670 food insecure individuals, including 11,030 food insecure children, living in the Food Bank of Siouxland’s 11 county service area. The Food Bank of Siouxland’s mission is to lead the fight against hunger for each and every one of those people living in fear of where their next meal will come from. This population includes working poor families with children; seniors just scraping by on a tiny, fixed Social Security income; families who once enjoyed prosperity through our area industries but who now have lost those opportunities, maybe forever. We do not discriminate against, nor do we judge those who are looking for assistance, but instead we offer hope and a hand up to help those struggling and in need.

By supporting Leader of the Pack, you are helping to provide hope to these families, children, and individuals. With your help, we can continue to fight hunger in our communities and offer a glimmer of hope to those in need.

Contact Development Director Jennifer Hart at 712-255-9741 or jennifer@siouxlandfoodbank.org for more information.

Winning Race Times:
15K RUN; Women, ages 34 & under:
1:29.34 – Hannah Lepper

1:34.20 – Betsy Flowers
1:34.21 – Kim Hassler
15K RUN; Women, ages 35+:
1:06.25 – Kjersten Welch

1:39.37 – Sarah Gacke
15K RUN; Men, ages 34 & under:
1:06.1 – Eric Brannon

1:16.19 – Bob Norton
1:26.42 – Samuel Brannon
15K RUN; Men, ages 35+:
1:15.32 – Adam Wheelock

tied at 1:39.37 – Jerry Gacke & Brett Bieber

5K RUN; Women, ages 29 & under:
22:49.12 – Gina Erickson
28:46 – Veronica Mullen
28:57 – Ally Hecht
5K RUN; Women, ages 30-49:
26:07.9 – Ronja Jung
28:46 – Jessica McHugh
28:53 – Barb Caskey
5K RUN; Women, ages 50+:
25:49.18 – Chris Hoffman
30:04 – Maxine Swanson
36:42 – Patty Hobbs
5K RUN; Men, ages 24 & under:
18:26.52 – Charlie Saulsbury
19:06.37 – Cole Satterwhite
28:43 – Jackson A. (Our youngest 5K runner at only 8 years old!!
5K RUN; Men, ages 25-39:
21:16.08 – Tim Everton
21:27.65 – Christopher Barondeau
26:28.62 – Justin Huffman
5K RUN; Men, ages 40+:
22:36.15 – Dennis Hart
22:49.53 – Michael Weber
25:29.8 – Todd Bahney

THANK YOU to our 2018 event sponsors!!

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