Hunger Action Month


During the month of September, the Food Bank of Siouxland calls YOU to action. Help us fight hunger, whether it’s participating in one of our fundraising events, donating time or money (“Fill Plates, End Hunger” online page), or advocating on our behalf. A donation of food or a letter written to the editor of your local newspaper supporting the Food Bank – all help the Food Bank meet the needs of the hungry throughout Siouxland.


Need an idea of how to help the Food Bank? Use the “30 Ways in 30 Days” Hunger Action Month calendar to explore ways to support the Food Bank of Siouxland. Thank you for all you do!

2017 Hunger Action Month Calendar


Join us in investing in our community by donating online today to “Fill Plates, End Hunger” – so that together, we can help everyone reach their full potential! Help us reach our goal of $20,000 by the end of Hunger Action Month by donating now!



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