Current Agencies

Hello, member agencies! We realize that we would not be able to distribute the volume we do with out your help. You are the “front lines” of our operation and we thank you for the important work you are doing!

Please use this page as a source for placing orders, agency newsletters, numbers served reporting and resources to help you transmit the information, and food safety facts.

Placing Orders: 
Please allow two business days to fill an order. Orders received after 4:00 PM will be considered received on the following business day.

The Food Bank of Siouxland has now rolled out our new online ordering system! Your agency will need the Agency Reference Number, a Username, and a Password before logging into the Web Window. Please use the following Reference Guide as you begin ordering online.

Online Ordering Portal

Agency Newsletter: 

March 2017

Numbers Served Reports:
Per the Agency Agreement, all agencies are required to complete “Numbers Severed” statistic reports. These statistics reports should be completed monthly and are due by the 15th of the next month. For example, January’s report is due by February 15. Below is a walk through on entering the statistic reports, which is done through the Online Ordering System Primarius. With any questions, please contact Jake at or Jennie at, or by calling the office at 712-255-9741.

Online Statistics Entry Walk Though

Agency Resources:

Agency Manual

Food Pantry Sign-In Sheet (Example/Template)

Meal Provider Sign-In Sheet(Example/Template)

Daily Temperature Log

Nebraska FY17 TEFAP Form Spanish

Nebraska FY17 TEFAP Form English

Iowa FY17 TEFAP Form Spanish

Iowa FY17 TEFAP Form English

Justice For All Poster

Food Safety Resources:
FDA website for a list of current recalls.
 Food Safety Training is required of at least one person at each of our member agencies. Each organization must re-certify on periodic basis depending on the program completed. A copy of your certificate of completion must be submitted to the Food Bank for each agency file. Please review your copy for an expiration date and please keep your certification current.
To complete ServSafe Online Food Safety Training, click here, and log in to receive a discounted prices. You may need a discount code, which is FEEDAMER10. Call us
at 712-255-9741 with questions.

ServSafe Food Safety Slide Show

Civil Rights Training Information:

Civil Rights Training is required by each member agency of the Food Bank of Siouxland. Please have at least one member of your staff (or volunteer) read through the provided slide show. Once completed, email Jake at the name of the person fulfilling your requirement.                                               

Additionally, each front-line worker is required to read through the training summary document on Civil Rights. Call Jake at 712-255-9741 with questions.

Civil Rights Training Iowa                                                                                                   Civil Rights Training Nebraska                                                                                           Civil Rights Training Summary

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