This year, help ensure no one in Siouxland goes hungry


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” — Winston S. Churchill

In this season of giving thanks, there are many among us who still go hungry every day.

In fact, 12.9 percent of Iowa households were food insecure in 2013, meaning they lacked access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members.

“While most of us celebrate our holidays with family and friends and traditional feasts, many in Siouxland are unable to participate in the joys of the season,” said Linda Scheid, executive director of the Food Bank of Siouxland. “They are hungry and need our help.”

With the resources of the Food Bank of Siouxland, we are able to acquire 13 pounds of food for each dollar we receive. We can purchase the food so that the children, the senior citizens, the ill, and families needing help can have the choice to eat, each and every day.

And that’s why the Food Bank of Siouxland is participating in Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday, a national day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season.

“We are dedicated to making sure that absolutely everyone in Siouxland has enough to eat. Together, we can make that happen. Together, we can solve hunger.”

How can you help? Just click the Donate button below, and determine your level of giving. Remember that your gift is tax deductible.

Giving thanks can come in many forms this season. We appreciate you helping ensure that the Food Bank of Siouxland brings hope to those who need it most.

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