Take “worry” off someone’s plate, and add “nutrition” in its place.

For many families and senior citizens in Siouxland, the worry of keeping the heat on and paying the rent weighs heavily. Do the bills get paid, or do we have food for dinner? This is a question many of us don’t have to ask, yet there are so many asking it. In fact, there are 28,620 food insecure individuals in Siouxland needing our help.

By supporting the Food Bank of Siouxland, you can help fill the plates of our neighbors with food instead of worry. You can help them choose both heat AND dinner. You can help eliminate some of those tough decisions and fulfil their most basic need. You CAN make a difference.

Please consider helping today. Here’s how:

  • Make a donation. You can make a tax-deductible donation through our Help Solve Hunger online page. Or call Development Director Jennifer Hart at 712-255-9741 x205, to discuss your donation.
  • Become a sustainer. The stress of bills comes on a monthly basis. You can help by making your donation recurring on our Help Solve Hunger Every Day online page.
  • Donate your time. Volunteering is so rewarding and such a huge help to the Food Bank. Learn more here.
  • Donate food. We gladly accept food donations of food. To learn more about what we can accept, please visit our website. If you’re making a special trip to the store to purchase food to donate, please consider donating cash instead as the Food Bank is able to secure 13 pounds of food for every $1 donated!

Thank you for working together to help solve hunger in Siouxland.

Ways to Give:




Mission Statement:
Leading Siouxland in the fight against hunger.

The Food Bank of Siouxland is an equal opportunity provider.”

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