What brings you joy?Joy

Joy is the reward for the action of creating pleasure or happiness. Food is at the center of so many joyful times throughout the year. This is seen in the eyes of the young boy eating the banana.

The Food Bank of Siouxland brings joy by distributing food to our over 100 agencies, across our 11 county service area.  The Food Bank sees food as a way to help uplift the needy among our community, by helping with food so that those short on resources can both eat and buy a coat, or buy a child a gift. Donors deliver joy by car loads when they drop off food and money to the Food Bank, helping to fill our warehouse. Volunteers create joy for their community by sorting and then handing food out to pantry clients.

What can you do to spread joy (especially to yourself)?

Are you willing to donate your time to a repack food drive boxes for pantry distribution? Can you donate your money to ensure needed food product is available for your community? Will you be a voice for those who forego a meal to pay for a doctor bill or a car repair bill? Will you donate canned meat or canned fruit to a local food drive to stock the Food Bank warehouse?

A great way to spread joy is to give joy to others. The Food Bank calls these moments “paychecks of the heart.” Each act can take merely minutes, but can go miles towards helping end hunger. Giving a little joy can feed a lot.

Empty Bowls Logo.eps


Empty Bowls is the signature event for the Food Bank of Siouxland! This year, Empty Bowls celebrates it’s eleventh year!

The event is held at the Marina Inn Conference Center in South Sioux City, On Friday, February 6, 2015.

Please give us a call if you can help by donating handcrafted bowls, items for silent auction, or to volunteer during the event.

Tickets are now on sale. Call the Food Bank of Siouxland at (712)255-9741 for more information.

Mission Statement: The Food Bank of Siouxland, a nonprofit organization, strives to be responsive to the needs of its agencies, donors and volunteers by efficiently soliciting and distributing food to feeding programs for the needy.

The Food Bank of Siouxland is an equal opportunity provider.”

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