Print September is Hunger Action Month!

This is a time to highlight our communities’ successes in feeding the hungry and remind our communities of the need for continued support for our hunger fighting efforts. The staff of the Food Bank of Siouxland is planning on a busy 30-day long campaign in which we will ask the community to donate their voice, money, or time to come to one (or all) of our events.

The Food Bank of Siouxland asks you to print and distribute a 30 Ways in 30 Days Calendar. This will include these events and ways people can support feeding the needy, like watching the documentary “A Place at the Table.” Additionally, this is a time to become more active in the fight against hunger, by helping sort food at the Food Bank. To find more ways to help, contact Debbie at the Food Bank at 712-255-9741.

Mission Statement: The Food Bank of Siouxland, a nonprofit organization, strives to be responsive to the needs of its agencies, donors and volunteers by efficiently soliciting and distributing food to feeding programs for the needy.

The Food Bank of Siouxland is an equal opportunity provider.”

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